About “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme

A1. OGCIO collaborates with Cyberport to implement the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme (Sandbox) for public and private organisations to access simulated API and integrated testing environments to build proof-of-concepts using “iAM Smart”. “iAM Smart” technical documentation and free training courses are provided to Sandbox participants to facilitate “iAM Smart” adoption development.

A2. The application forms and requirements are available here.  For any question, please contact us via iamsmart@cyberport.hk

A3. Currently, the Sandbox Programme is open to the following sectors:

  1. Financial Sector
  2. Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) Sector
  3. Telecommunications Sector
  4. Healthcare Sector
  5. Education Sector
  6. Culture Sector
  7. Sports Sector
  8. Tourism Sector

Public organisations are also welcome to join.

If your organisation does not belong to the above sectors, please contact us via https://iamsmart.cyberport.hk/contact-us/

A5. Please feel free to contact us via iamsmart@cyberport.hk. If you have joined the Sandbox Programme, please raise your question through our Helpdesk platform

A6. Please contact us via iamsmart@cyberport.hk or call our hotline (852)3166 3800.

“iAM Smart”

A1. “iAM Smart” is a free account that can be used by all Hong Kong Identity Card holders aged 11 or above. It allows users to perform authentication through personal mobile phones and log in for using the online services of different government departments and commercial organisations. Details can be found on “iAM Smart” thematic page.

A2. Both permanent and non-permanent Hong Kong residents of age 11 or above and possessing valid Hong Kong Identity Cards are eligible for registration of “iAM Smart”.

A3. “iAM Smart” account is available in two versions, namely “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”. The “iAM Smart” version has authentication, “e-ME” form-filling and personalised notifications functions, while the “iAM Smart+” version has the digital signing function in addition as well: 

(1) Authentication – Users will have a single digital identity that enables simple and secure login to various government and commercial online services. It brings convenience to people’s daily life by avoiding to manage different user names and passwords.

(2) “e-ME” Form Filling – Users can store their personalised data (such as name, gender, Hong Kong Identity Card number, date of birth, residential address, contact phone number, and billing address) in their “iAM Smart” account, and enjoy the convenience brought about by auto form-filling and avoid filling in the same data for different applications. Billing address from utility companies / organisations can also serve as address proof for various online applications.

(3) Personalised Notifications – Users can choose to receive personalised notifications from various government online services to keep up with service updates, expiry alerts and latest information.

(4) Digital Signing – Users can use “iAM Smart+” to perform digital signing in accordance with the Electronic Transactions Ordinance (Chapter 553 of the Laws of Hong Kong) to process legal documents and procedures online.

A4. “iAM Smart” account is available in two versions, namely “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”. The “iAM Smart” version has authentication, form-filling and personalized notifications functions, while the “iAM Smart+” version has the digital signing function in addition.

For more information about “iAM Smart” and “iAM Smart+”, please click here.

A5. Yes, “iAM Smart” supports both new and old Smart Identity Cards for registration.

A6. To download and use “iAM Smart” Mobile App, the mobile phone must be equipped with biometric authentication. For iOS mobile phone, it should support Face ID or Touch ID. For Android mobile phone, it should run with Android 8.0 or above and supports Fingerprint authentication.

For the best experience using “iAM Smart”, it is recommended to use devices with more recent mobile phone system versions such as iOS 13.0 or above or Android 10.0 or above.

Please note that each mobile phone can only be used to bind with one “iAM Smart” account.

A7. A user can update the “e-ME” profile in the “iAM Smart” Mobile App on voluntary basis via his/her own mobile device. Data fields inputted by user in the “e-ME” profile is not verified by “iAM Smart”. Yet, the user can retrieve the billing address information from the utility companies / organisations through “e-ME”.

A8. You can select the “transfer account to another mobile” function in the “iAM Smart” mobile app of the existing phone to transfer the “iAM Smart” or “iAM Smart+” account to another phone. Upon successful transfer, the “iAM Smart” or “iAM Smart+” account where it was originally installed will be deleted.

A9. A range of commonly used government, public and private online services are accessible through the “iAM Smart” platform. For details, please click here.

A10. The “iAM Smart” Mobile App supports three languages: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

A11. Users can use the biometric functions (such as facial, fingerprint identification, etc.) provided by their personal mobile phones to authenticate their identity and log in the online services using “iAM Smart” safely and conveniently. Such biometric data will only be stored in users’ personal mobile phones, and will not be stored in the “iAM Smart” system.

Adoption of “iAM Smart” in online service

A1. Please refer to the use cases of the “iAM Smart” enabled online services at our website https://iamsmart.cyberport.hk/iam-smart/#use-case. To explore more use cases that are applicable to your business, please contact us for further discussion.

A2. As public and private organisations, you could visit our website and join our Sandbox Programme first. The application forms and requirements are available here.

A3. Please complete the ITE Application Form to start the development of your online services for integration with “iAM Smart”. For more details about the ITE Application Form, please click here.

A4. Please complete the ITE Application Form to start the development of your online services for integration with “iAM Smart”.  While you are preparing to submit the application, please visit Implementation Preparation to observe relevant tasks which should be completed before you can start the testing in ITE.

A5. You may download the documents at our Document & Forms page, please join the Sandbox Programme to access the documents.

A7. The “iAM Smart” API Services are currently provided for free, but the Government reserves the right to charge for using the “iAM Smart” API Services in future.

A8. The online services adopting “iAM Smart” are required to perform security checklist review and privacy impact assessment every 2 years after the production run of the online services.

Technical Consideration

A1. Currently, no SDK is available for “iAM Smart” development.

A3. The backend of online services and “iAM Smart” system backend will communicate and respond according to corresponding actions in online service mobile app and “iAM Smart” Mobile App. “iAM Smart” Mobile App will redirect the users to the online service mobile app by using the URL scheme registered in “iAM Smart” system before. You may download the iAM Smart Developer Guide here for details.

A4. The turn-around time of the whole authentication process depends on the user action via the “iAM Smart” Mobile App, either scanning the QR code or pressing a button to confirm login.

The timeout setting of callback API is 18 minutes; therefore, online service could treat the request as failed if it does not get callback response within 18 minutes.

A5. For details, please refer Developer Guide Section 3.6 for more information.

A6. There are different account status for “iAM Smart” account, for example “suspended” and “de-registered”.

Request for authentication will be unsuccessful under some account status, and no information about the account status will be passed to online service.