Implementation Preparation

Welcome to “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme

After joining the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme, you can try out our simulated APIs and go through the Guide for Developer  to learn more details on “iAM Smart” APIs adoption. After your viable use cases are identified, you can start the development of the online services for integration with “iAM Smart” in the Integration Testing Environment (“ITE”) for subsequent production rollout. 

Preparation for conducting testing in “iAM Smart” ITE

Please complete the ITE Application Form to start the development of your online services for integration with “iAM Smart”.  While you are preparing to submit the application, please also observe the following tasks which should be completed before you can start the testing in ITE. 

  • Design user journey of your online service to integrate with “iAM Smart”
  • Draw up the implementation plan of the “iAM Smart” integration
  • Apply an encipherment certificate (Trial or Production certificate is accepted ) from certification authorities recognised in Hong Kong ( or
  • Prepare the domain(s) and SSL/TLS certificate for the domain(s) of your online services from certification authority. (Only production grade certificate is accepted)
  • Set up Web Server

When receiving the “Enrolment to the iAM Smart Sandbox Integrated Testing Environment” email, the following resources will be provided to facilitate your system development.

With the above resources, you could then conduct the following development and testing tasks:

  • Integrate the “iAM Smart” API services with your online services
  • Refine design of the “iAM Smart” integration based on the API testing result
  • Manage the API data encryption/decryption key lifecycle
  • Manage the encipherment certificate lifecycle
  • Work out the network connectivity between your servers and “iAM Smart” System
  • Prepare the URIs and/or Universal Link/App Link

Preparation for integrating your online services to “iAM Smart” production environment

You need to submit the following documents for production rollout preparation.

Certificate Preparation

You should acquire production encipherment certificate and SSL/TLS server certificate for production run of your online services. . The encipherment certificate used for ITE shall not be used in the production environment. 

Production Application Procedure

  1. Submit a detailed wireframe of the user journey (for all business processes that trigger “iAM Smart”) for comment
  2. Submit video recordings for UI and workflow verification
  3. Complete Security Checklist Declaration (ITEP-10 ) and Privacy Impact Assessments Declaration (ITEP-11 ).  Both declarations shall be signed by independent assessor (same person or different persons)
  4. Submit the following documents for checking:
    1. Soft Copy of Company BR Certificate
    2. Completed production application form (ITEP-01&ITEP-02)
    3. Scanned copy of the signed application form (ITEP-01)
    4. Scanned copy of the signed declaration form (ITEP-10)
    5. Scanned copy of the signed declaration form (ITEP-11) 
  5. The following production environment setup will be arranged after the production application form (ITEP-01&ITEP-02) has been approved.
    1. Self-service portal account will be provided to online services to setup the callback URL, upload the production Encipherment Certificate.