Adopt Now

Design (Phase 1)

You are welcome to join the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme for FREE to explore any viable use cases in adopting “iAM Smart” to streamline your online services and enhance your customers’ digital experience.

Under phase 1, you can

  • Experience simulated APIs on various “iAM Smart” functions to better understand how the “iAM Smart” APIs work.
  • Access relevant guides to understand some typical use cases of “iAM Smart” and the key tasks and considerations in implementing “iAM Smart” enabled online services.
  • Observe the terms and conditions for using “iAM Smart” APIs.  
  • Attend training workshops to master the technical know-how required for the development of “iAM Smart”-enabled online services.
  • Receive promptly reply on any questions related to the adoption of “iAM Smart”.


To join the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme (Phase 1), please complete the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme application form and return it to Cyberport via email (

Development (Phase 2)

After phase 1, it is expected that you may come up some viable use cases of adoption of “iAM Smart” in your online services.  You may then join phase 2 of the Sandbox Programme to develop the online services for integration with “iAM Smart”.

Under phase 2, you can

  • Access to our testing environment that simulates production environment to build proof-of-concepts using “iAM Smart”
  • Access detailed technical documentation of “iAM Smart” (e.g. API Specification, User Interface Specification, etc.) to facilitate development of “iAM Smart”-enabled online services 
  • Obtain all-round support on adoption of “iAM Smart” including technical support and business cases
  • Collect detailed information for preparation of subsequent production roll-out


To join the “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme (Phase 2), please complete the ITE application form and return it to Cyberport via email (


After completing the development and testing of your online services in phase 2, you are now ready to launch the services.

Before production rollout, you need to 

  • Submit video recordings of the related “iAM Smart”-enabled online services for our review to ensure they comply with our guidelines and specifications. 
  • Conduct Security Checklist Review and Privacy Impact Assessment to ensure the online services do not have security and privacy issues.


After the production rollout, you can still obtain technical support on any production issues encountered. 

Please don’t hesitate to join the Sandbox Programme now to embark on the “iAM Smart” journey.