Welcome to “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme

The “iAM Smart” Sandbox Programme has been implemented by OGCIO and Cyberport jointly since March 2020 for public and private organisations to conduct proof-of-concept tests and develop application solutions adopting “iAM Smart”.  The Sandbox Programme also provides helpdesk support and technical workshops to assist organisations in developing “iAM Smart”-enabled services in the sandbox environment. 

Support from Sandbox Programme


Detailed APl Specification and User Guide enabling a comprehensive understanding of the potential use of “iAM Smart”

Training Workshop

Free programming workshops offering developers and system analysts a clear grasp of the user interface to facilitate system development

Simulated APIs

Simulated APIs enable developers to try the “iAM Smart” functions and the API responses to assess the potential applicability of “iAM Smart” in specific use cases

Integrated Test Environment

An end-to-end integration testing platform providing realistic testing environment to ensure launch is seamless and reliable.


Efficient and relevant technical support helping to resolve issues and compress time needed for developmental stage.